How CBCT Enhances The Results of Endodontic Care


The overarching goal of any dentist is to deliver the best possible results for their patients. Achieving this goal can be tricky, however. They need access to the right tools and have the proper skills honed and up to date. With these two elements in place, they can provide the best possible diagnosis and treatment plan. One of the newest tools available for dentists is Cone-Beam Computer Tomography or CBCT. This is a special kind of imaging that has dramatically improved the quality and detail of the images produced.

How CBCT Enhances The Results of Endodontic Care

One of the essential parts of your dentist’s diagnostic process uses dental imaging. The images produced allow the dentist to view your oral structures, including areas that would otherwise be hidden. If you’ve ever been to a dentist, you’ve received dental x-rays during your initial visit. In the past, this required the use of bite plates and multiple images being taken. The produced films are then used individually, representing one view from one angle.  

CBCT technology changes this process using less radiation, no physical films, and thousands of images. When you are positioned in the CBCT machine, a special camera will pivot around you on an arm. As it pivots, it will take hundreds of images from different angles. These images will be stitched together utilizing special software to create a single, digital, 3D image of your oral structures. Your dentist can store the resulting image without the need for physical storage; it can be transmitted without losing the original and viewed from any angle the dentist needs. The improvement in visibility makes it easier for your dentist to diagnose problems and develop treatment plans.


  • This imaging method improves the ability of your dentist to detect and diagnose oral health concerns
  • The images produced are incredibly precise, showing minute details of your oral structures.
  • This imaging technique can all see nasal cavities, sinuses, and nerve canals clearly.
  • Infection can be caught earlier due to the effects being visible earlier.
  • Essential in creating treatment plans accurately and improving outcomes.


You can also use these images to create a physical 3D model of your oral structures. This allows the dentist to have yet another clear view of your oral structures. This can be used to demonstrate how treatment will proceed and used as a way to show the patient. Your dentist may also use them to aid the dentist by keeping these models nearby during the procedure.

Learn More About CBCT From Your Dental Provider

You can discover more about how CBCT is impacting your oral health care by speaking to your dental provider. This is just one kind of new technology that’s being used to improve the quality of care you receive. Every year we see greater innovations coming out of the dental industry. You can also speak to your dentist about laser dentistry; it’s just one more way your oral health care is being improved.

Alireza Movassaghi, D.D.S and Other Dentist Dr. Alireza Movassaghi brings 30 years of experience to the practice at Alvarado Family Dental Center. As a graduate of the USC School of Dentistry, he works tirelessly to expand access to dental care throughout the Los Angeles area. Along with his passion for expert dental care, he exhibits a love of soccer and beautiful cars.
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