Maintaining Your Dental Restoration

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When you’ve made the investment of time and money involved in getting a dental restoration, you want to make sure it will last you as long as possible. Dental restoration is a beautiful technology that allows us to restore broken and missing teeth to provide our patients with a natural smile. For all the benefits and abilities that come with restorations, a little care is needed to ensure that they remain intact and unstained for a lifetime. From dental crowns to full implants, we’ll show you how to properly care for them so you can keep your smile looking your best.

Tips To Ensure Your Dental Restorations Stay Looking Their Best

These tips have been put together from experience and the guidance of dental professionals who have assisted patients with getting the most out of their dental restorations.

For Athletes Mouthguards Are Key

For those who have active lifestyles, there’s little more important than wearing a mouthguard while engaging in your favorite activities. Whether you’re rock climbing or playing competitive sports, you’re bound to get roughed up, and accidents can happen. Wearing a mouthguard ensures that if you do receive an impact to the face or jaw, your teeth will be cushioned and likely preserved. After the initial investment, no one wants to have to pay their restorations repaired.

Oral Hygiene Never Stops

One common misconception some people have about dental restorations is that they don’t require the same level of care as their natural teeth. While it’s true that decay can’t affect most of the materials used to create your restoration, gum disease is still a concern and can lead to severe consequences if left unchecked. Maintaining good oral hygiene, including brushing, flossing, and mouthwash will go a long way to preventing complications caused by gingivitis and periodontitis.u

Night Guards Resist The Daily Grind

Most patients won’t find it necessary to wear a nightguard, but those with bruxism may. This condition causes the patient to clench and grind their teeth, which can damage their restorations as surely as it can damage their natural teeth. Wearing a nightguard is an excellent way to ensure that your teeth are protected from the damage this condition can cause, and several styles are available. You’re sure to discover one that’s comfortable enough for you to sleep in.

Regular Dental Visits

This should go without comment, but staying on a regimen of regular dental visits is a critical part of preserving your oral health. This is true for your dental restorations just as much as for your natural teeth. Your dentist will have an opportunity to check for decay, damage, and disease that may endanger your teeth, natural or otherwise.

If you want to ask about more ways to protect your dental restoration or are just seeking a new dentist in the Los Angeles area for you and your family, give us a call. When you reach out to the Alvarado Family Dental Center, you’ll be connecting with some of the community’s most respected dental providers. Under the guidance of Alireza Movassaghi, our team has been providing exceptional dental care for our patients and are ready to welcome you to our dental patient family.

Alireza Movassaghi, D.D.S and Other Dentist Dr. Alireza Movassaghi brings 30 years of experience to the practice at Alvarado Family Dental Center. As a graduate of the USC School of Dentistry, he works tirelessly to expand access to dental care throughout the Los Angeles area. Along with his passion for expert dental care, he exhibits a love of soccer and beautiful cars.
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