Procedures For Whitening Your Teeth

Have you ever noticed how everyone in Hollywood has a perfect set of shining white teeth? There’s something about that shimmering white color that impresses others and helps give them a solid impression of you. Everything from your dating life to your career can be affected by the condition of your teeth, and tackling those pesky stains can help you get an edge up in every part of your life. If you’re looking for ways to help eliminate the discoloration then look no further, we’re going to provide you with three different ways you can start fighting stained teeth.

Over-The-Counter Tooth Whitening

Teeth whitening has become such a popular treatment these days that you don’t even have to go into your dentist to get started. In your pharmacy you’ll find multiple options that are available, including chewing gum that coats your teeth to prevent staining, toothpaste that contains mild abrasives and baking soda, and whitening strips. All of these are gentle approaches to the problems of stained teeth, and are your first line of attack against the issue.

Whitening Trays And Gels At Home

While there are over-the-counter variations of these the best trays and gels can be obtained from your dentist. These trays will be accurately fit to your teeth to make them comfortable to wear and the medical grade gels that they come equipped with will help whiten your teeth in ways no OTC solution can match. With the guidance of your dentist and following the instructions exactly, you’ll see great results with this at-home solution.

Professional Teeth Whitening

When it comes time to take the best weapons you have to tackle the stains on your teeth it’s time to contact your dentist for a professional whitening. The bleaching agents supplied by your dentist for this in-office procedure are in higher concentrations than those available over the counter, requiring that they be done under the supervision of your dentist. This treatment is effective enough that you will walk out the door with brighter, whiter teeth.

Why Get My Teeth Whitened At All?

A shining smile is an essential part of a good first impression, and research has been revealing that your smile is a vital part of that impression. Whether it’s a social engagement or looking for a new job (Or promotion!) the state of your teeth can have a massive impact. Getting your teeth whitened is your opportunity to put your best self forward in important encounters.

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